Those of you who regularly follow my blog will know I’m reading ‘Writing for your Life’ by Deena Metzger. In the section I’m reading at the moment, she talks about creativity in childhood. Does this ring any bells for anyone?

‘It doesn’t matter quite how it happened, we all know one form or another of the story: for some of us our hearts, our eyes, what we love, and what we see are cut out of us in school; for others it occurs through the taunting of friends or the impatient ridicule of rationality, pragmatism or expediency. Sometimes a parent is the conscious or unconscious instrument of this mutilation. Or the pain of remembering or knowing some part of ourselves is unendurable, and as a consequence, everything else that might be intolerable is set aside. Each of us has been undermined and diverted from ourselves by a series of small incidents and assaults from various quarters; from these experiences we learned, carefully and painfully, that it was best to go underground.’