Latino Children Play Swing

Latino Children Play Swing (Photo credit: epSos.de)

Here’s an interesting paragraph I’ve come across in Deena Metzger’s book ‘Writing for your life’. Here she is talking about the cultural legacy of stories and legends we pass on to our children. Think about what she is saying if you replace these categories with the narrative sections we find in the Bible (the cultural heritage of believers). See what you think……

“It is no accident that children traditionally were exposed to fairy tales, myths, and legends before they were told personal stories. And it is not unrelated that contemporary children suffer from serious cultural and spiritual deprivation because they are no longer nurtured with the milk of their mother’s imagination. In recent years, fairy tales have been so seriously neglected, gutted and trivialised that they no longer serve the very important function of introducing the child to the realities of the world, of creating a context through which the child can later organise and understand his or her own experience. Since the larger story is a grid or a scafforld on which to hang all stories and history to come, we deprive our children of meaning when we so virtuously bowdlerize the stories they hear, thereby diminishing their experience.”