Some Thoughts on Using WordPress

fox writing with a quill pen

fox writing with a quill pen (Photo credit: 50 Watts)

I’m not really sure how WordPress compares to other blog facilities as this is my first blog, but here’s one or two thoughts for anyone tempted to have a go at this kind of thing.

Yes, it’s a bit scary. On two counts – one, you take some personal risk in putting thoughts to ‘paper’ and then sharing them with people. However, much to my surprise, so far there have been no knotted-browed, lectern pounding diatribes against this blog, but gentle support and number of personal messages coming through on Facebook.  As ever I will respect the wishes and privacy of those who wish to communicate with me, privately or otherwise in whatever form they choose to use.

Secondly, the mechanism of working with WordPress is a wee bit daunting to begin with, but having said that, it is possible to get something up within half an hour of your first logging on. I’ve found that there is nothing like actually doing a blog posting or two and then revising the appearance and way they work over the next few days to see how the whole WordPress thing works. There are plenty of help pages available on the system and by looking at other people’s blogs you can see what’s possible.

I’ve discovered you can make it as simple or as complex as you want – it is very flexible. I imagine that over the next few months I’ll introduce changes as I grow to learn more about how WordPress works.

Perhaps what has surprised me the most are the number of ‘hits’ on the site. WordPress tells me the hit rate per day, even whereabouts on the planet they are coming from, and the route they come to the site. I’m not told who they are, of course. I’m finding most of the hits come through Facebook, which means that for a really high hit rate, the timing of the submission is important as the notice that appears in Facebook is soon lost in all the other posts. I would encourage people to use the email notification request and you won’t miss a thing.

All in all, I would say that it’s been a very positive and enjoyable experience, and I would encourage anyone to give it a go – but make your blog yours, something unique to you.

Finally, this site has its own web address – with which you can access the blog at any time.



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