Why ‘Below the Salt’?

A [A very rare crystal salt cellar of silver f...

A [A very rare crystal salt cellar of silver form with three lion heads and foot legs. English ca 1720. 47 mm high. |Source= Private collection |Author=Photo by Nick Michael |Date=2008 |Permission=Reproduction of 2D artwork in public domain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The phrase ‘below the salt’ means common or lowly.

Its origin lies in medieval England when salt was expensive and only affordable by the higher ranks of society.

At that time the nobility sat at the ‘high table’ and their commoner servants at lower trestle tables. Salt was placed in the centre of the high table and only those of rank had access to it. Those less favoured on the lower tables were below (or beneath) the salt.

(From ‘The Phrase Finder’ http://www.phrases.org.uk)

I’ve been trying out a few different titles and ways of doing things for this blog. I thought about ‘Musings from an armchair Christadelphian’ but the implication is that I wasn’t really a Christadelphian, or at best not an active Christadelphian. I am both of those things. Hence all of what you see on this site reflects this world view. I make no apologies for that, but I hope that a few things that I write will give you pause for thought and a smile now and again. As ever I will respect the wishes and privacy of those who wish to communicate with me, privately or otherwise in whatever form they choose to use.

One last point: If you would like analysis and lively discussion on the finer points of Christadelphian doctrine and teaching, this site is probably not the best place to do that. There are many forums and websites (easily found on Google) better focused on such things run by wise and knowledgeable people who would be delighted to help you.

So, here are some of my ‘common or lowly’ offerings….enjoy!



1 thought on “Why ‘Below the Salt’?”

  1. Maybe you are not an active Christadelphian but why would you not become again an active Bible Student, even a Christadelphian Bible Student?

    Looking at the times we should come to see signs and therefore it has become even more important to follow up the task Jeshua (Jesus Christ) has given his disciples, to go out and preach the Gospel. Why did you stop blogging? Is it not time to take it up again and to show the world the Good News that is given to mankind?

    Hopefully you did not loose faith in God nor in the hope given to us all.

    May God be with you.

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